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Tailor Made Corporate Healthcare for Employers and Employees

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Mediright staff will offer guidance and support on the surveillance and wellbeing packages inclusive of comprehensive relevant health questionnaires required in accordance with the risks identified for individual employee groups. Here’s why you should choose us…

We provide high-quality, caring personnel who bring with them a wealth of qualifications, training and experience.

Appropriate guidance will be provided on risk reduction e.g. PPE and general health issues raised during the surveillance.

A full Certificate of Fitness is provided for every employee following the surveillance. Specific advice given will be recorded on the medical records and any information provided to the employee or for the employer specific to work. This is detailed on the Certificate of Fitness provided to management following the surveillance.

Mediright also provide supportive health promotion information, if appropriate, on the day of the assessments.


Corporate Healthcare Services Tailored to Employers & Employees

Increasing numbers of liability claims and HSE fines/prosecution being made as a result of illness, accident and injury associated with work.

Because of this, our range of services are tailored to enable employers to demonstrate a duty of care whilst ensuring their employees are fit to carry out their specific job roles.

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Management Referral System, Reporting and Employee Recommendations

Our Management Referral System includes a very comprehensive report following the consultation giving management clear advice regarding the employee’s health and wellbeing requirements whilst at work. This includes sections on background to the referral, current situation, recommendations and future outlook. It may include recommendations on adjustments to the working area, phased return to work or a rehabilitation programme.

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Mediright offers On-site Health Checks & Mobile Screening Vehicles

Mediright offers the flexibility of using an appropriate room on customer premises or utilising one of our fleet of self-contained Mobile Screening Vehicles. Our clients can benefit from Mediright service to cover shift-patterns to suit – morning, afternoon, twilight or night shift as well as the more typical day shift.

Our trained staff are available on the telephone with help and support in between our scheduled site visits.

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