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Preliminary eye exams and on-site vision screening / testing

Computerised Vision Testing & Screening - Mediright Corporate Healthcare

Computerised vision testing and screening equipment

Mediright use Keystone and a variety of Computerised Vision Screening equipment. Screening is carried out relative to customer requirements and the specific job role of the employee. Using Computerised Vision Screening equipment means that our vision screening exams can be administered in only 5 minutes, saving you time when administering multiple exams. Our equipment is portable, compact and lightweight which enables us to administer preliminary eye exams and vision screens virtually anywhere. Contact Mediright

Our Vision testing and screening covers:

  • Near, Far & Intermediate sight testing.
  • Visual range depth.
  • Peripheral vision.
  • Colour blindness.
  • Night vision.
  • Eye co-ordination.

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Workplace vision testing and screening

Vision testing in the work place can be a requirement for a number of reasons, it also enables employers to comply with the current and relevant health and safety regulations.

Vision tests are designed to flag those who are showing some signs of visual impairment during screening programs. Mediright would always refer to an optician for a more fully detailed vision check and examination where the health of the eye is concerned.

Vision screening may not diagnose exactly what is wrong with your eyes, but it can indicate where an employee should make a follow up appointment with an optician for a more comprehensive eye examination.

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Professions where screening should be considered

  • Display Screen Equipment users in accordance with the Health & Safety (Display Screen Equipment) Regulations 1992 (as amended in 2002).
  • Van Drivers.
  • Fork Lift Truck Drivers.
  • Company Car Drivers.
  • Close Inspection Workers.
  • Assembly workers – involving small parts.
  • Occupations where “normal” colour vision is desirable or essential.

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Convenient, cost effective and increased efficiency

Having a workforce that can be more productive because of a decrease in vision-related disturbances like eye strain and resulting headaches is a no lose investment.

For the employer, periodic vision testing is and effective way to promote eye health within the company. With the increasing use of computers and digital devices in the workplace, maintaining eye health is mandatory to properly use this technology. Vision issues, like dry eye, fatigue, or headaches from eye strain, can be significantly minimized or even eliminated.

For the employee side, vision testing can help to address eye conditions and impairments they may or not be aware of. This not only contributes to productivity in the work place, but to the employee’s positive view of the company they work for.

To discuss or enquire about vision testing, please contact Mediright Corporate Healthcare services on 01909 813131. Alternatively, please use the quick enquiry form and a member of the Mediright team will be in touch with you shortly.

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