Sickness Absence Management

Mediright Corporate Healthcare manage employee health and wellbeing whilst at or returning to work

Sickness Absence Management

Independent and confidential health service support

Sickness Absence Management is an independent, confidential health service provided by Mediright’s team of qualified nurses specialising in the branch of medicine that deals with the relationship between work and health.

Mediright Corporate Healthcare use a standard Management Referral System in order that the nurse fully understands the information required and a standard report format in order to provide the referring manager with clear advice regarding the management of the employee’s health and wellbeing whilst at work. Employers discuss the reason for referral with the employee and obtain consent prior to the appointment.

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Sickness & Absence Management - Mediright Healthcare

Supporting employees with health issues to remain in, or return to work

The purpose of the sickness absence management referral may be to…

  • Advise on the rehabilitation of employees returning to work following ill health or accident.
  • Assist employees to manage illness and associated sickness absence.
  • Prevent employees from becoming ill as a result of the work they do.
  • Provide support and guidance with phased return to work.
  • Provide support and advice regarding restrictions on duties required to enable continuation of work in current job role.
  • Make recommendations regarding work adjustments to support employees with disabilities.
  • To provide advice on planned sickness absence for surgery, etc.

Sickness & Absence Management - Mediright Healthcare

Comprehensive Report and Management Referral Form

Effective absence management involves finding a balance between supporting employees with health problems to stay in, or return to work. Ensuring that the employer’s business objectives are not compromised by repeated short term or long term absence.

Following the consultation and, providing consent has been provided by the employee for release, a comprehensive report will be provided to give advice on aspects requested in the Management Referral Form.

This report will only contain relevant work related clinical information.

To discuss or enquire about Sickness Absence Management, please contact Mediright Corporate Healthcare services on 01909 813131. Alternatively, please use the quick enquiry form and a member of the Mediright team will be in touch with you shortly.

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