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Audiometry Hearing Test & Evaluation

Audiometry hearing test & evaluations

Exposure to high levels of noise at work may cause temporary or permanent hearing loss. Temporary deafness may be experienced after leaving a noisy place and although hearing recovers within a few hours, this should not be ignored and continued exposure to high levels of noise could damage hearing permanently. Permanent hearing damage can therefore be caused immediately by sudden, extremely loud noises but hearing loss is usually gradual because of prolonged exposure to noise. Contact Mediright

Our Audiometry Surveillance Package includes:

  • Ear Examination.
  • Heart Rate.
  • Blood Pressure.
  • Urinalysis.
  • Audiometry Test.

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What is an Audiometry Examination?

An Audiometry examination evaluates the users hearing function in terms of tone, balance and overall sound intensity.

The examination primarily focuses upon the functioning of the inner ear (which can distinguish sounds levels that range between 20 and 20,000 Hertz). Did you know that on average, the human ear can make out sounds ranging from 20 decibels and upwards?

If an employee is suffering from hearing loss due to loud working environments or a sudden loud noise, continued exposure may lead to permanent damage.

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What’s involved with an Audiometry Exam?

An Audiometry exam is a simple and straightforward process that may involve more than one different tests.

A pure tone audiometry test measures softer, quieter sounds that can be heard at varying different pitches. This test uses an audiometer which is a special machine that plays sounds via headphones.

When different sounds are played, you simply indicate to the Mediright healthcare professional which sounds you are able to hear.

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Why is the Hearing Test Performed?

An Audiometry test is performed in order to detect hearing loss that a patient may or may not already be aware of. Through the examination, we can determine whether or not someone is suffering from sensorineural hearing loss (nerve or cochlea damage) or conductive hearing loss (ear drum or ossicle bone damage).

Hearing loss may commonly results from:

Chronic ear infections.
Birth defects.
Damage to the ear drum or inner ear.
Exposure to loud noises on a regular basis.
Inner ear diseases.
Inherited conditions.

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